What do you mean I have to wait another fucking month? WTF I can’t get a doctor’s appointment

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This post was written on May 31st…5 days post finding out I was pregnant… So it’s after the Memorial Day holiday and it’s time to see the OBGYN to make sure I am pregnant and that my pregnancy test didn’t give some weird false positive…because I would be super pissed off if this nausea was […]

The shit they don’t tell you… WTF happens when you get pregnant

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**Note this post was written on May 28, 2016. It is being published now that I am past the point of no return aka the third trimester… Last night I took a pregnancy test. After the awkwardness of peeing in a cup, putting a stick in it and waiting only about 30 seconds instead of […]

WTF another rant about the election

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The evening of Tuesday November 8, 2016 I was casually out with an old friend eating sliders and fries with the election results playing on TV in the background. As I dipped my fries into ketchup, I remembered so vividly the election of 2008, the energy was palpable with the rise of change. This night was […]

Giving 0 Fucks

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I have somehow convinced myself that anytime I get sick it is the universe’s way of telling me to chill the fuck out. This happens to be one of those times…this is day two of some sort of flu like something and I have to say it certainly puts shit in perspective. So I decided […]

WTF… dreams really do come true…

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So I figured in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I would write today about dreams and no not the ones you have as you slowly drift off to sleep then jolt out of bed, heart racing, beads of sweat trickling down your forehead wondering what the fuck was that all about… or the ones […]

Why the fuck has it been so fucking long?

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My last post here was in August 2013. Then: I was a year and half into a new relationship. I was 4 months away from getting laid off from a job I was ready to leave anyway.  I was 35 and looked 28.  I was not bitchy, but slightly jaded. I was over Los Angeles. […]

WTF Biological clock

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Last year when I turned 35, a strange thing began to occur, I started noticing babies. And when I say noticing I mean began to smile uncontrollably every time I saw a cute round faced baby smile or coo and began to say things like, “That baby is the cutest thing ever.” In my head […]

WTF Past

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Next weekend I have my college reunion. I will be reconnecting with old friends as well as speaking on a panel with current students. Somehow I was convinced that I should organize this auspicious occasion.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of fun, but it’s also been… It’s been… a long time. The […]

Some people just aren’t meant to be…WTF… that sucks!

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Back in 2010 I met a young woman named Jen Friel or @jenfriel on Twitter OR creator of what was at the time a pretty new website called Talknerdytomelover.com.  She had attended a web series screening of one of my projects. I remember she came up to me, bursting with energy and telling me how […]

I’m going to get shit done… just kidding! The universe told me to sit the fuck down and stop working so much.

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Today I am fucking jet lagged. I just got back to LA after working in New Zealand for two weeks. This is not a post about that trip nor is a post to boast about how fucking amazing New Zealand is. This IS a post about the fact that the universe sometimes gives you what […]