When you fuck up say you’re sorry…

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As a human being we are all prone to fucking up every once and awhile and of course for some of us we’re more prone to fuck up more than others.  So being that I am a human being, I also occasionally fuck up. The thing is, for one reason or another, I often had […]

My life is not a f***ing romantic comedy… or is it?

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**All names have been changed in this post because I don’t want to be a total fucking ass hole and call people out. That would be fucking rude…** I had a conversation with a friend a few months ago whereby she said that I couldn’t date the guy I was dating because his name was Bob. […]

I’m fucking back

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After months of a lot crazy life shit… I am back and writing like it’s my job. New post on what happened will be up tomorrow, but let’s just say be careful what you put onto the Internet people cause it can come back and bite you in the ass… hard! Also watch for my […]

I watched this and cried like a f***ing little girl!

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So it’s 6am and I am awake finishing up a document for work. This is not going to be a diatribe on why we as a society are fucking workaholics or what the fuck is wrong with corporations these days. I’ll save that for another day. No this post is actually about inspiration and how […]

You can find out if will get cancer and die? WTF!

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A few months ago I had my yearly check up with my gynocologist. YES I just wrote the word gynocologist, get the fuck over it!  We were going through my family history and I mentioned that the women in my family have had both ovarian and breast cancer.  “Oh well you know you can be […]

WTAF is this?! Picture of the day…

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I was looking through my photo library and came across this little number I took back in 2007 and it made me think I should start sharing  WTAF photos. I was in San Francisco spending Easter at the Jesus parade up around The Mission where everyone got in their Sunday best to spend a nice, […]

Human Beings… WTF?!

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Human beings are fucked up.  As a species we lie, we cheat, and we murder our own. Think about it. You don’t see penguins or chickens killing each other over land, but us humans we not only will kill each other, some of us take pleasure in the act. The female human species once every […]

Why the fuck are guys total pussies?!

Posted 24 August 2011 by
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Yes the above subject line is harsh, but in my experience true. It has been rare in my experience that when I date a guy and the guy is over it that he will ever come out and directly say, “I’m just not into you.”  There is the movie and the book and even when […]

Post Rapture update… so wtf happens now people?

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Yesterday per all the billboards around Hollywood we were supposed to have the Rapture. An eighty-nine year old man by the name of Harold Camping who resides here in the great state of California and runs Family Radio, an evangelical station that reaches listeners worldwide, is the one who predicted the world would end yesterday, […]

Online Dating. So it’s fucking come to this…again?

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So a few years ago, right before I turned 30, I decided to jump on the online dating train. After a road trip across the country I realized, fuck this, I don’ t want to sit around going to bars and meeting douche bags. If I was going to meet douche bags I may as […]