What do you mean I have to wait another fucking month? WTF I can’t get a doctor’s appointment

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This post was written on May 31st…5 days post finding out I was pregnant…

So it’s after the Memorial Day holiday and it’s time to see the OBGYN to make sure I am pregnant and that my pregnancy test didn’t give some weird false positive…because I would be super pissed off if this nausea was due to some bad chicken or something and not developing a human inside myself. I dial the number of the doc at 8am sharp and get the answering service, “Sorry they are running a bit behind this morning. Please call back in 10 minutes.” Seriously? Way to be on time ass holes…ok…

Ten minutes pass…I dial again…the answering service…AGAIN…”Hi sorry they are a bit backed up due to the long weekened, can I take a message?” “Sure,” I say a bit annoyed. “Ok great well let me ask you a couple of questions first.” “Ok,” just fucking ask me already… “Are you currently pregnant?” That was easy, “YES!”  “Ok great, how far along” I pause, “Well that’s pretty much why I am calling…no idea…” “Oh,” nervous laughter, “No problem. Can I get your name and number and someone will call you shortly?” SO basically now 4 people know I am pregnant, me, my husband, my hair dresser and the fucking answering service woman…sigh.

Then about thirty minutes or so later I get a call back…”Hello this is the doctor’s office calling you back.” “Yes, hi so I think I am pregnant and want to get a check up by the doctor please.” “So when was the first day of your last period.” Seriously…can I PLEASE just get a fucking appointment scheduled? I have been waiting all fucking weekend for this and now MORE questions… but I tell her…”Ok great…the doctor will see you in 8 weeks.” “Wait excuse me…don’t think I got that?! Did you say 8 weeks??!!”  “Yes the doctor likes to wait 8 weeks before seeing someone.” “So here is the thing…I mean I think I am pregnant, but it would be like really great to get confirmation with like ya know…A TEST! Can I get a test done or something?” OH of course we can do that…”ok great and no way I could see the doctor sooner like if I have questions?” “Well if you have questions we can have the nurse answer those for you.” I begrudgingly accept…take the appointment for tomorrow morning and hang up…

Ok so wait…this isn’t like the movies where you take a test and the doctor comes in and consoles you and congratulates you on your pregnancy…WTF man? I have been with my OBGYN for 14 fucking years…some loyalty! I call my husband at work who thinks this all super normal and realize something else…this is a conspiracy…my doctor is conspiring against me and brought along my husband…I FUCKING knew it?! No that is just the hormones talking…

So tomorrow I go and get my blood test to determine that YES indeed I am pregnant…then I wait…I hate fucking waiting…

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