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So I figured in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. I would write today about dreams and no not the ones you have as you slowly drift off to sleep then jolt out of bed, heart racing, beads of sweat trickling down your forehead wondering what the fuck was that all about… or the ones where you stand in front of your peers naked giving some epic speech… or the one where you are being chased and suddenly you jump in the air and begin to fly. I am talking about the dreams we all once had when we were little without a care in the world, the one where we thought that we could be an astronaut/ Broadway star/ fire fighter. Then around age 13/14 we realized, “…oh shit I need better grades to get into X college.”  This thought then translates at age 15/16 to, “…oh shit I need to really start looking at this college thing and what the fuck am I going to study?!”  That leads into studying for SAT’s, applying to colleges, visiting colleges, getting into colleges, going to a college away from home/ close to home and facing all this pressure to figure out, “Now what do I do with my life?” At this point a good 8 years have gone by where the astronaut/ Broadway star/ fire fighter thing is pretty much NOT a consideration since you hate science, can’t sing and are deathly afraid of matches let alone a roaring flame.  The one thing about your early 20’s that you CAN count on is the don’t give a shit will do whatever attitude that permeates… the ” yeah whatever I don’t need to be an astronaut/ Broadway star/ fire fighter because I will do something WAY better than that shit.” The question may loom as to what that thing is, but damn it… you are going to fucking figure it out and it is going to be epic!

Cut to 38, you have lived the 20’s and damn did you do some epically dumb shit. Why you thought you had anything figure out is beyond you and now you feel a hell of a lot better in your own skin and you think about the fact that maybe the astronaut/ Broadway star/ fire fighter idea wasn’t so stupid afterall… what happened to the dreams you had as a youngster? For me, my dream was Veterinarian working in Australia taking care of koalas/ writer/ actress. I acted in my younger days and grew out of it in my early 20’s… it was simply a phase of wanting to learn how to be someone else, diving into their lives for months on end, working in a collaborative environment with friends and just honestly allowed me a bit longer to play dress up and make believe when others stopped doing that when they were 5 or 6 years old. The Veterinarian working in Australia taking care of koalas came from my love of the book, “Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day.” In the book, the lead character Alexander, has the worst day ever. He gets gum in his hair, he has to get white sneakers instead of white sneakers with blue stripes, his mom gives him a really crap lunchbox,  and to top it off he has to eat lima beans for dinner and wear his railroad train pajamas to bed, and he hates his railroad train pajamas. His only saving grace is the hope that one day he can move to Australia because everything just seems WAY better there. I related to that character and must have read that book literally every single day during my fifth year of life…and because I knew koala bears lived in Australia… the natural progression would be that in order to be able to actually live there, I of course should learn to take care of koala bears… I mean DUH…GENIUS idea I think for a 5 year old! So my five year old self didn’t REALLY want to be a vet working with koalas, but liked the idea of traveling…not JUST to Australia, but anywhere… I loved the idea of exploring new places, meeting new people and having random adventures…

And then writing… that has always been the thing that stuck… in first grade I won a writing contest when I wrote a story about what happens one day in Strawberry Shortcake’s life…no for real I am not making this shit up… then in fourth grade my teacher made us keep a journal and I LOVED it. I wrote more than I had to and ended up journaling well into my early 30’s both in my barely legible hand writing and also online through places like Live Journal. I parlayed my journal writings into blogs this one and one about my struggles as an indie producer back in the day as well as paid writing gigs for various publications online and print and even now will sometimes find myself having to write a promo or trailer spot and thinking, “Damn that was pretty good.” So here I am re-warming up my chops for some bigger adventures in writing. Am I living out my childhood dream… perhaps… but dreams only get you so far. We all have dreams… and we have had those dreams from long ago and dreams from just yesterday, but you need to do more than JUST dream… you need to DO… so coming full circle… in honor of MLK, Jr. for dreaming big and also DOING something even bigger… if you dream it…you better fucking do it too…

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