Some people just aren’t meant to be…WTF… that sucks!

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Back in 2010 I met a young woman named Jen Friel or @jenfriel on Twitter OR creator of what was at the time a pretty new website called  She had attended a web series screening of one of my projects. I remember she came up to me, bursting with energy and telling me how much she not only liked my project, but liked a lot of what I had talked about regarding going after what you want and not letting anything stand in your way. Well almost two years later exactly from when I met her, she has grown her website into a brand that people all over the world admire and respect. She put herself out there and put it all on the line and I truly admire her for all that she has done in that time, literally putting herself out into the world each and every day talking about things I don’t think I could talk about on the world wide web for all to see…everything from her sex life, to her dating life to producing a tv show and everything in between.  Now I haven’t seen Jen since that screening two years ago, but I do on occasion read her blog and enjoy her goings ons and random adventures that she posts online.

Tonight she wrote something though that struck me.  It struck me so much that I decided to write a blog post about what she wrote on her blog. You can read her post here: Talk Nerdy to Me Lover

No really you should read it…

Ok now that you hopefully did read it I can say what struck me is the idea that people come in or back into your life for a reason. Now before going onto this point, I first should say Jen’s story of her Romeo, the man whom she loved more than anything… who was her one true love and one regret struck me more than any of her other posts. I voraciously read everything she wrote about her feelings on Romeo because truth be told I could relate… I think we all have that one guy or girl who really shaped how we view relationships, a first love whose influence resonates with you probably throughout all of your other relationships.  They set up the patterns that you hold onto as you delve into dating and eventually being in new relationships. The thing is when I read all of the tales of Romeo I truly hoped beyond hope that these two crazy kids would get their shit together, meet back up, fall in love and live happily ever after. I read the story of how she broke HIS heart and then the story of how they met back up years later when he had fallen in love with someone else and then now the final story of how he reached back out to her after he and his girlfriend broke up and immediately I hoped beyond hope these two could FINALLY get together after 8 years!

To my dismay this would not be the case, but Jen if you are reading this know you will find the right guy for you and it will happen just like everyone annoyingly says it will… when you least expect it. I have gone through my fair share of heartache and bullshit. Who hasn’t, but then when you meet the guy you know you are meant to be with suddenly everything you have ever gone through all makes sense… everything you have seen, learned, discovered has all lead you to be in the exact right place at the right time.I have always believed that everything you do in life prepares you for what you are about to do and so I feel this to be true especially with relationships. Every love, every heartache, every break up and even every date (100+ and going strong for you) has lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be and who ultimately you are meant to be with. So even though my heart broke for you when I read your post, I knew that this was a defining moment for you… the moment you opened yourself truly to really finding that person. Am I certain there is one person for everyone? Fuck no! Truth is there may be more than one, hell there could be a dozen perfect people just for you. I do know this… when you open yourself up, when you say FUCK it… that’s when it happens…

So I guess my hope for you is this… that you continue to be open, unabashedly honest and true to what you want because I have no doubt you will find your real Romeo soon enough… I know I did=)

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